Right around famous Anchor Point and Devils Rock there are plenty things to discover other than surfing. In this column we well show you some of those from time to time.

As we, as travelers, are pretty good in making wine out of the grapes we’ve got, we used one of those days to check out the big market in Agadir, which is called Soukh. Agadir with its’ population of 420,000 souls and numerous suburbs and districts is the nearest metropolis to Taghazout.

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Away from the beaches and other common tourist places you can find a pretty awesome daily market on six days a week which is located close to the city center. The best way to get there is by bus, which costs only a couple of dirham. You’ll find yourself right among locals with very few tourists on a place as huge as 120,000 square metres. Fridays until Sundays there is an adjoining flea market located in all those tiny side streets and narrow corners all around. Just like on most Moroccan markets you’ll pretty much get everything you can possibly think of here.


Even without the usual fuss on tourist sites the super wide range of products as well as the African hustle and bustle are quite an excitement. You’ll find bright coloured spices next to all sorts of clothing, tools, vehicles, jewelry and home appliances.lando_tee_0141 Not to mention the vast numbers of street food booths, of course, where the locals offer spicy soups, like Harira, filled bread and the ever-present Maghrebi Mint Tea. As you can guess the price is always up for negotiation.
We’d recommend you to get there before sunset though, in order to get yourself some real bargains. We decided to call it a day in one of those aforementioned booths and had a rich dinner, while sitting on jalopies chatting to some of the super friendly residents as the muezzin called the faithful to the mosque.

Swell is back by the way, so we’ve got to surf a couple of decent waves between Tamri and Anza. Feel free to join us,