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Das Service-Team


Connie founded Maranga together with Lando. She looks after everything in the office and is your first contact person regarding the camps. She spends most of the summer time in France to organizes, with the help of our team, the Surfvilla Seignosse.



Sarah is Connie‘s right Hand in the office. Since 2009 she is part of the Maranga-Familie. When she‘s got time, she comes with her little daughter and visits the camps and the waves. Sarah is the soul of the Maranga Office who answers all your Mails and assists you with your questions.



Right after finishing his studies, he founded with his friend and partner Johannes the advertising agency Neckarmedia in Heilbronn, Germany. Neckarmedia updates and optimizes Maranga‘s homepage and its Social Media Channels.
When the MSW-forecast promises nice swell, he stuffs his board into the company-Mini drives down to the Surfvilla to catch some waves with you.



Johannes is Kai‘s partner and co-founder of Neckarmedia. Next to Maranga‘s Website and its Social Media Channels, Johannes and the team of Neckarmedia take also care of the technical supervision of the Online-Office.


Die Surflehrer


More than 20 years surfing is Lando‘s passion. Spending the Summer in France and the Winter in Morocco, the spots are his home. Surfing is his elixir and luckily he shares his experiences and know-how with all of you in his all time happy way.
His favorite place is Morocco. He loves the country and the people and the great waves during the winter! Because of this special connection he can give not only lots of tips about the spots but also about region and the culture.



Many of you know Konrad from last summer. The winter month he spent his time on a snowboard in a skiing area in the Pyrenees in Spain with his Wive and two sweet little daughters. We are glad that they are back in Seignosse. Also this summer Konrad will teach you surfing with his patience and calmness. He himself spends every free minute on the surfboard. (ISA Level I)




Sebastian is new in the Maranga-Team starts with us the summer season. He almost finished his studies to become a teacher and is a full educated chef. At the Moment he allows himself a break from his studies and takes over the Villa kitchen. We are looking forward to his support! Buon Appetito!



Corinne is though-and-through a sports enthusiast. She is pilates instructor, she surfs of course, she jogs and exercises outside. Get excited with us to undergo her best practise of worm-up before surfing and relaxing exercises to end the day with. Corinne represents the Swiss in our Team.



… and one more Sarah – she is also new in the Team. Sarah just discovered surfing for herself and naturally caught fire. After she completed her education, she now works and travels around in France. So she took the opportunity to spend some time in the Villa to help us and to improve her just gained surf skills. Sarah will take over Carla‘s duties in the kitchen.



We are happy that Natscha also this year decided to help us in the Villa! She takes care of the housekeeping and a lot more around the house and she will always inform you about the party life in Seignosse and Hossegor. Her French is perfect and she always knows in which location is live music or a reggae party. In between she spends her tremendous energy in the waves.



Winter is over the hill and with it our season in Morocco. Time for Artti to follow the birds north and to stop in Seignosse to spend the summer with us. In the mornings he wakes you up with his rice pancakes Estonian style or he comes up with other culinary surprises. Prepare yourself for Uno and guitar sessions all night long and of course surfing, surfing, surfing….



Carla is back in the house – in August and September she will again cook for us. With her well-balanced and caring nature she looks out for your well-being an alway listens to your sensitivities when it comes to food (allergies, intolerance…).



Luna amazes us not only with her acrobatic yoga moves, she will also worm you up for the surf course. With all the cleaning equipment and her head phones armed, she keeps the Villa and the garden clean. Luna is vegan and animals are – next to extensive sportive interests – very close to her heart. She spent many time abroad e.g. in Costa Rica, Australia and South Africa. Luna wants to study oceanography because she loves the sea with all its residents and their diversity. Keep on surfing, Luna!



In 2010 Sophie went with us from Morocco to France. Morocco has many stray dogs who live a free but also dangerous often short life. Sophie lived with her three sisters at Mistery-Beach. Often we bring our leftovers from the camp kitchen to the Mistery dogs and so we got to know her.
Some of her sisters died over time an Sophie got hit by a car, so that she could only walk with tree of her legs. She came with us to the Surfhouse and we fed her and helped to get her 4th leg better.
Today her duty is supporting the surf coaches in France during the summer and she takes it very seriously. Helicopter, jet ski, motor boat, plane and everything, which comes near the surf camp base at the beach gets driven back. After a busy day at the beach she needs, of course, a lot of cuddling.


Ihr wollt auch zum Maranga Team gehören? Dann bewerbt euch jetzt!