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Seignosse, France

Over 12 years ago we found that idyllic place in splendid position just behind the dune: a cosy house between dune and forrest, only a few minutes be walk to the beach and surf spots. The authentic rustic charm of our garden with pine trees and cork oaks offer shadowy places in hammocks. The big terrace is one huge chill-out zone.

Our goal is, that everyone may create their own perfect holiday. However, the atmosphere in the Surfvilla becomes very familiar no matter which age our guests are or if they travel alone or in a group.

The surroundings of the house are, next to surfing, perfectly suitable for relaxing. Wether in our garden, at the beach or jogging through the pine forrest, which you enter going out the garden gate, you will enjoy nature at its best!

Life down here is ruled by the rhythms of waves and tides. We have ideal terms: sand bank, which form perfect beach brakes, are just around the corner.

Partying is easy, too: on regional feasts like Fete de Bayonne or in bars and clubs in Hossegor.

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The Surfvilla

The Maranga Surfvilla Seignosse is a typical ,Landaise-style‘ house. Landes is the name of the region. The atmosphere in the Villa is very personal and familiar. Doesn‘t matter if traveling alone or with your family or friends: everyone is welcome and socializing with other guests is easy.
Parking is free of charge and next to the house.
,Work‘n Surf‘?… In case you love your work as much as we do and can‘t stop for your holidays you will always find a quiet place to sit with your laptop.

Rooms and furnishing
The Maranga Surfvilla provides double, triple and four bed rooms, which are friendly and practical equipped.
Living room, terrace and garden outfitted with seating and couches where you can chill out after surfing with a good book or just to take a nap.
Our team prepares every day breakfast and dinner in our open kitchen for you.
There are two bath rooms with 3 showers and 2 toilets available. Besides we have a garden shower, where you can free yourself and the wetsuit from the sand of the beach.

Service offerings

  • Location: right after the dune behind the beach, 400m air-line distance, 5 minutes bay walk. House and garden are surrounded by pine trees
  • Great rusitc garden
  • Shortest stay possible is 7 nights (off season is negotiable)
  • All prices are in Euro/per person
  • The price refers to 7 nights in your booked category
  • Full board is included (breakfast, lunch packet and dinner)
  • W-Lan
  • Free parking
  • Accommodation: cosy wooden furniture and a fireplace in the living room, 2 terraces, huge garden
  • Double rooms and dorms, living room, kitchen, 2 bath rooms with 3 showers and 3 toilets
  • Surf courses for beginners and intermediates
  • Beginner courses are bookable for 3 alternatively 5 days with at a time of 3 hours a day. Equipment included
  • The intermediate course is held on 3 days at a time of 3 hours per day. Equipment included
  • Participants: Max. 8 participants per course
  • Surf instructor: ISA acknowledged educated at Austrian Surfing Association or BSA
  • Rentals: NSP or BIC boards. If you already own a wetsuit you can bring it along, otherwise they can be rented as well. Short boards on demand
  • Optional: bus travels bookable from Germany or Switzerland
  • For the last date of the season it is not possible to book an extension week
  • Season from June to October
  • Single room on request with extra charge
  • Arrival Saturday 14h00/departure Saturday 12h00
  • Age: above 18 years



  • behind it the Atlantic

Very close to the beach: shortly you are at the dune to check out the spots.
The village centre of Le Penon is just as close.
Here you will find 2 supermarkets, a cash machine, surf shops, restaurants, bars, pizza places, an Aquapark and a skate park.
Every Sunday morning is market in Le Penon. Besides the Souvenirs you can buy goods and specialties of the region: Olives, cake, cheese, coldmeat from Bayonne, pastry a.s.o.
Every day goes a bus from Le Penon to Bayonne, the capital of the fr. Bask Country. It has a lovely little old town with lots of shops and cafés with fewer tourists.
The region provided with well developed cycle tracks. You can explore the surroundings the broad tracks mostly shadowed by pine trees.
You can visit the outlets of the big skate labels in Soorts-Hossegor. It is about 7 kilometres far from the Villa.
In case you come bey car, you should visit Biarritz or San Sebastian (Spain) for a day. It‘s only 80km until you reach the Spanish border. The route via Biarrtiz and St. Jean de Luz is well worth seeing!
You‘ll find more Details in ,Activities‘.

Price summary / Price calculator

idyllisch zwischen Wald und Düne gelegensituated right beside the seaSurfkurse und MaterialverleihKostenloses WLANkostenlose ParkplätzeLongboards, Fahrräder, Slackline, Indo BoardGemeinschaftsspiele, Bücher & Unterhaltungbequem aus Deutschland mit dem Bus-Shuttle anreisenDVD und deutsches FernsehenWM Übertragung deutsches Fernsehen

  • Price per Person for full board
  • * incl. Wetsuit & Surfboard **bookable with 14 overnight stays and incl. Wetsuit & Surfboard

Surf courses and rentals

  • looking good!

Whoever experienced success in surfing will definitely not leave this sport soon again. Beware, thus, to introduce your friends to the motto of your next holiday: surfing! Our licensed teachers (BSA, ASA) will soon get you to riding your first wave… while actually standing ON the board, indeed.
Important topics such as insides about the board itself, rules of surfing, development of currents and sandbanks will be included in the easy theory round. Of course our teachers will provide you with answers to any of your questions and will also try to get you inspired by letting you become part of their own surf experiences.
Besides fun in the water and needed theory you can further practice your balance on the Indo-Board and the slack line.
All courses will start on Sunday and will be taught on 3 as well as 5 days during the week. The rental begins on Saturday evening or Sunday morning.

The beginner course is bookable for 3 or 4 days.
This course is for those, who have never had contact to a surf board. But also if your first and only course is some time ago and you didn‘t manage to surf in the meantime.
Previous knowledge is not required.
In case you want to prepare for the surf trip, the best would be swimming. Also balance exercises like slack lining can help. The intention of the course is to show you how fun it is to slide through the waves. The high point of the course should be the take off (standing up) on the board and slide the first waves standing. However, this is not a requirement, everyone has his own tempo and athletic background and therewith his own personal aims. No matter ride the wave lying, on your knees or standing, fun should be your drive.
This course teaches you solid basics in surfing. It starts with detailed material science and briefing in handling board, leash and wetsuit. Important subjects, like right-of-way-rules in the water, formation of waves and currents will be explained collaterally to the course. Questions are important and always welcome.
Worm-up plus ,dry practices‘ on land are naturally part of the course.
Attendance: max. 8 persons
Minimum age: from 8 years participation in our course is possible, with the company of a parent, in case that sportiness, the ability to swim and condition is given.
Surfboards: to minimize the risk of injuries, we use only so called soft boards for the course, where the material of surface and fins is soft.
Wetsuits: there are shorties as well as long suits available from Roxy, Quiksilver, Bollabong and Xcel
Price 3 days: 175€ incl. board and wetsuit (rental for one week)
Price 4 days: 195€ incl. board and wetsuit (rental for one week)

To attend the intermediate course you should have participated in a beginner course and even should have had the chance to practice the learned. The getting up in the white water should be managed safely. Next step at that point is to learn the take-off in green waves or to ride the wave sloping. When the conditions are right and the level of the course attendance is more or less equal, we leave the white water behind and paddle to the line-up, to learn the right paddling in green waves.

Usually, there are less participants than in the beginner course – from 3-6 surfer. In that case, the teacher can respond to your individual needs.

Attendance: max. 8 persons
Minimum age: from 8 years participation in our course is possible, with the company of a parent, in case that sportiness, the ability to swim and condition is given.
Surfboards: to minimize the risk of injuries, we use only so called soft boards for the course, where the material of surface and finns in soft.
Wetsuits: there are shorties as well as long suits available from Roxy, Quiksilver, Bollabong and Xcel
Price 3 days: 195€ incl. board and wetsuit (rental for one week)

The combination course is an offer for our guests staying two weeks. It is basically made up of beginner course and intermediate course. In the first week you will attend the 4-days beginner course. The course ends normally Wednesday. The next you should use to practice the learned. On Sunday of the following week you attend the 3-days intermediate course. The benefit choosing that course model, you can build up directly on you just gained knowledge.

Attendance: max. 8 persons
Minimum age: from 8 years participation in our course is possible, with the company of a parent, in case that sportiness, the ability to swim and condition is given.
Surfboards: to minimize the risk of injuries, we use only so called soft boards for the course, where the material of surface and finns in soft.
Wetsuits: there are shorties as well as long suits available from Roxy, Quiksilver, Bollabong and Xcel
Price: 345€ incl. board and wetsuit (rental for two weeke)

Course Prices

Course Price in €
10h*/3 days incl. Board & Wetsuit for 1 week € 175,00
12h*/4 days incl. Board & Wetsuit for 1 week € 195,00
10 h*/3 days incl. Board & Wetsuit for 1 week € 195,00
1. week Beginner 4 D. incl. Material
2. week Intermediate 3 D. incl. Material € 345,00

*one lesson = 45min

Rentals Prices

Equipment/rental Price in €
Board/1 week € 90,00
Wetsuit/1 week € 30,00

Our teaching and rental material are all branded under NSP and BIC and we definitely have sufficient amounts of boards! For the rental, we also have some long boards and short boards. We have wetsuits in all different sizes!
Whoever wants to buy his or her first own board will be able to test some boards, such as Webber and Southpoint, to find a board which is just right.


  • French specialties

In the morning you will be woken up by a light smell of coffee and fresh baguette. Cheese, cold meat, muesli, cornflakes, jam, fresh fruits, tee and coffee will guarantee you a good start into the day and is a good base for surfing. You can make yourself a nice lunch package for the day, including anything you like.

In the evenings, the „Surf Villa family” meets on the terrace or in the garden to have a warm dinner together. Most of the times the evenings do not end too early and are nice and cosy!

You are vegetarian? You can tell us when booking and our kitchen crew will prepare a tasty vegetarian Version for you. In case you have any food allergies tell us latest when arriving in the Villa, we try to consider this as well.


  • a visit to Biarritz or San Sebastian is recommended

Apart from surfing Southwest France offers plenty of leisure time fun. Ranging from Sangria parties in San Sebastian, over simple relaxing on the awesome beach in Biarritz, a party night in Hossegor, where all pro surfers are partying or to other cultural events such as the famous Fête de Bayonne or the Quiksilver Pro France, here is clearly the fun place to be!


In Seignosse you‘ll find a huge aqua park with sweet water pool and water slides. For other sportive activities there is a small skate park and some volley ball nets at the beach (only high season), which you can use for free. For the latest surf fashion you can visit the factory outlets in Hossegor. All famous Surf and Skate brands have a store there.

Every Sunday morning Segnosse holds a little market with regional products like Cheese, Ham, Bread and Olives, and arts and crafts such as jewelry or fashion.

San Sebastian (Spain)
The city, which previously has been the destination for Spain’s crown family, is called Spain’s Rio today. Walking up the “Urgull Mountain“ offers you an amazing view over the city, beaches and harbor. For those of us wishing to have some education during their holiday a visit of the Natural Science Museum provides you with the a perfect opportunity to experience the underwater world. In the evening dinner, also known as Tapas y Raciones, will best be enjoyed in a tapas bar in one of the small streets in the car-free city. Sangria or Calimucho will increase the enjoyment.

La Centrale, the party centre of Hossegor offers a wide range of partying with nice music, while watching surf movies together with other surfers. Rock Food is one of the most famous bars at the beach of La Nord and gained cult status within the surf scene! At this spot it is more than common that a new surf movie will be released or to party with one or the other surf pro. The bar has been rebuilt and now possesses real lounge character. The promenade along the beach at La Nord, however, still offers more than only one bar: bars, clubs and a lot of fast food places are present and during surf contest you will also have the chance of experiencing one of the many open air parties.

It has once been Napoleon’s favorite bathing spot, but, today, it is rather the connection between French chic and chilled surf culture. With its 50-year-old surfing history Biarritz is known as the birthplace of surfing in France. Enjoy the beautiful view over the city and the beach, which is beautifully surrounded by amazing cliffs, from the light house. Biarritz is also one of the most famous spa destinations for the rich and beautiful and this is the reason why it is not surprising at all to find little castles and Middle-Age buildings in this city.


Surf-Express Shuttle
If you travel from Germany or Switzerland you have the possibility to travel by bus. The Surf Express Bus goes from 23rd of May to 26th of September. You can jump on from many German and some Swiss cities. Where exactly you will find in this table. The journey costs 160,- € + a variable fee for the City you get in.
If you have any questions regarding the Bus, its Price ore the departure times, contact us under or just call +49 (0)172-7507707. We call back!

by Flight
There are many possibilities!

Biarritz is the closest airport. E.g. you can come there with Ryanair from London or from Rotterdam with Trans Avia.
With Air Berlin you can go to Bilbao, e.g. from Cologne, Berlin or Munich. Or you go to Paris (TUIfly, Easyjet and Air Berlin). In Paris Gare-Montparnasse goes every 2 hours a TGV to Bayonne and from here goes a RDTL bus to Seignosse Le Penon stop ,Office du Tourisme‘.

Most German airports offer flights to Bordeaux and Biarritz with Air France, KLM and Lufthansa.

KLM goes from Amsterdam to Bordeaux.

In Biarritz you take a bus to train station SNCF in Bayonne and in Bayonne you take the RDTL bus to Seignosse Le Penon stop ,Office de Tourisme‘.
Landing in Bordeaux you take the Bus to the train station Saint Jean in Bordeaux and take a train to St. Vincent de Tyrosse, where we can pic you up for 10,- Euro.

by Train and Bus

TGV Europe has low priced offers to Paris if you book early. From Paris you go further to Bayonne. But Watch out! – In Paris you have to change stations! It‘s easy because you only have to take the Metro, but you should calculate 2 hours for that.

Landing in Bilbao airport you can take a bus directly from Airport-Terminal Bilbao to the city station Termibus. From here goes every hour a bus (Cepsa) to San Sebastian station Amara. Now you take the EuskoTren to Hendaye and than you take the train to Bayonne. In Bayonne you take the RDTL bus to Seignosse Le Penon station ,Office du Tourisme‘.

Timetable for the bus line 7 from Bayonne to Seignosse

by Car
If you come by car you should have a look in the Internet for a suitable route planer. They can be helpful to save costs with the French street charges.

Parking at the Villa is for free.
Please note: no arrival before 2pm possible.

You need a lift? Have a look at the surfers forum EpicSurf or We can also ask under other guests, if a lift might be possible.

In case you come by flight or train, we recommend to take a rental car to be flexible to make trips to Hossegor or to Spain.


Swell Report Le Penon

Unser Camp in Marokko

Mitarbeiter Online

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