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Maranga Surfvilla, Seignosse am Strand

Maranga Surf & Travel was founded in 2002.
The founder of Maranga Surf & Travel, Connie and Lando, both operated various Camps on the French Atlantic Coast before actually opening up their own business. Both – passionate Windsurfers – have always felt a connection to water- and adventure sports. Connie organised canoe and bike tours in narrow ravines in the Dordogne. Lando, on the other side, was the first who integrated his passion for surfing by integrating it into a beach and fun camp.

Surfvilla Seignosse was born

Surfing became more and more popular and both dreamed about having a fixed house as surfcamp. When having found a cozy house behind the dunes of Seignosse Le Penon in 2002, the beginning of the Surfvilla Seignosse was made! Quickly grew the thought about developing a brand around this Surfvilla. With the help of extremely helpful people of Connie’s and Lando’s network and intense work, it was not only the Surfvilla itself which was completely renovated but a final brand which was created: Maranga. The name Maranga embodies the Hawaiian notion for “coming together”.

The Surfvilla quickly developed itself to a real magnet attracting more and more people to the French Atlantic coast. Its unique character and the family-like atmosphere quickly surprised the first guests. Within the following years a little Surfvilla network was developed with people spending time at the villa from its early beginnings until today.

Start of the second surf camp

Since the Maranga business could quickly develop itself to a well-working brand, further destinations were included into the program. Another combination of passion and business was given… Lando, who has often been to Marocco during winter, always dreamed about North African waves and empty beaches.

By renting another little house in Marocco – Thagazout in 2006, the second official Maranga destination was created. Until today, and thanks to our Facebook „Villa-Chilla“ page, a little fan community has been developed, who is always keen on visiting us, either in France or in Marocco.

Maranga Family grows

2012 has been the year of changes within our team of the Surfvilla and the Taghazout team. After 5 years of office support and even many more years at the camps themselves, Marco moved for a fixed employment to Berlin. However, we are glad of transferring Marco’s marketing and online tasks to a competent team: Kay, steady visitor in our Surfvilla and owner of his own agency “Neckarmedia” in Heilbronn, is in charge of the Maranga Homepage, in cooperation with his partner Johannes.

Sarah is, since July 2012, a happy mother of daughter Ruby. Above all, Ruby has already had her first Surfvilla experience this year traveling with her parents to Seignosse and now possesses the proud medal of being the youngest Surfvilla visitor ever! Now, she is back in the office and answers your mails with her pleasant nature as we are used to.

Curry, longtime Villa-multitalent between oven and facility management, is now back into real business in Berlin. But still, the ‘Curry-Ghost’ can never leave the Surfvilla and we thank him for a great time in France!
Omar is the hero of our Surfhouse in Marocco. For three years already, he has his surf teaching licence and often also takes care of our guests, together with his bro Adyl. Many guests could already experience some real Berber traditions living together with Omar and Adyl in our Surfhaus Marokko.

Sincere thanks are given to all!

We are also supported by many helpful hands, who work for a temporary period in our house, garden or on the beach. Thank you all – you create the Maranga experience: a relaxing camp in family-like atmosphere! Right now, we are heavily proud of being a sustainability project for a Bachelor Thesis to be completed this year. With small steps we will accomplish the sustainable vision within the next few years.

Our vision for the near future is, indeed, to satisfy our guests’ demands, both in Surfvilla and in Surfhaus Marokko. We want to create a nice holiday experience, a break from daily life and a relaxing atmosphere while experiencing the unique surfing lifestyle.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you!

Connie & Lando